January 2014

Renewable Energy Association - Biogas

REA Biogas (Power - Heat - Transport - Injection to Grid)

Since 2004 REA Biogas has been championing the cause of anaerobic digestion (AD) and has been the unifying force which has helped to bring the industry forward into the expansion we have seen in the past two years. We are a democratic association in which all organisations and members have an equal say, and we take pride in working to promote the sustainable production of biogas for power, heat, transport and injection to grid.


TenCate - Geosynthetics

Manure slurry lagoon liners and covers www.tencate.com/emea/livestock-farming/default.aspx

Suitable for the Farming Ammonia Reduction Grant for covers to existing slurry stores, application window now closed.

E-PIC S.r.l.

E-PIC S.r.l. is a privately owned process engineering consulting company, based in Turin, Italy. All the members are qualified chemical engineers with expertise in process development, innovation and troubleshooting, both with conventional techniques and so-called "process intensification" ones.


Founded in 1956, Wiefferink has a mission to provide sustainable environmentally enhancing products. With 60+ years’ specialist experience, Wiefferink are market leaders in manufacturing storage and covering solutions made with high tech foils and plastics. Their strong RnD approach yields innovative new products & solutions based on customer needs and feedback, serving a variety of industrial sectors. You dream it, Wiefferink will make it.